Commercial Real Estate – musing and lessons learned

Focusing my recent Real Estate activity on Commercial based business has been an informative and instructional experience.

Much has been learned. 🙂 This blog is the first in a series of reflections and musings in my journey as a Commercial Realtor with RE/MAX Camosun Commercial.

My business based network has positively responded to my outreach. Numerous folks have expressed interest in buying and/or leasing commercial / industrial type property. The challenges to solving this “land identification” request is unique to commercial property. Commercial property availability is not consistently listed on our standard industry listing services so I have studied and investigated how to solve this unique commercial property identification dilemma. Note the following:

  • a clear first step is to identify the properly zoned land within each municipality. That definitely narrows the available land inventory. This process is the starting point.
  • “some” commercial properties for sale are listed thru our MLS. Reviewing these digital databases are mandatory.
  • years ago before the digital revolution, we used to drive around the region and manually “looked” for potential commercial availability…that process still applies today.
  • being part of the RE/MAX and Lower Vancouver Island realtor community enables us to access a vast knowledge pool of local real estate knowledge and experience. That knowledge can be referenced via numerous Facebook groups, digital communication platforms and personal network relationships.
  • competitor commercial focused real estate brokerages list available land on their public websites, their own listing databases so to speak. These listing offerings will be actively reviewed.
  • I’ve been involved with numerous business ventures & related activity for about 40 years. I’ve built a large network of business contacts, numerous of whom have extensive commercial real estate experience. I have been and intend to regularly meet with those select folks and they’ve been directly helping & lending their knowledge and expertise specific of the Lower Vancouver Island commercial real estate environment.


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