Six months in…what have I learned by working with my business partner and son…

When I chose to partner with Dan Juricic as a member of the Juricic Real Estate Team, I knew that Dan was a good Realtor. He’s been involved in many sales over his 7 years as a Realtor…he has earned numerous awards…I have read his many testimonials…he has successfully grown and sustained his business.

However, after 6 months operating as a Realtor myself and working within the Juricic Real Estate Team, I have come to realize that Dan is a GREAT Realtor!

I’ve been involved with business ventures for about 40 years, the bulk of that activity in sales, branding, marketing and business development. Dan exhibits the very best characteristics of the top individuals that I’ve had the benefit of working with.

  • Patience. I am startled by how much patience Dan exhibits with our customers. NOTHING rattles him…he responds to every customer request…with a smile and a thank you.
  • Expertise. Dan is an expert in the business of a Real Estate transaction. He has demonstrated expertise with any situation that has come up involving our customers. His Red Seal Carpentry experience helps allow Dan to lend considerable expertise specific to the land & building infrastructure issues involved in a real estate transaction.
  • Negotiator. Dan’s negotiating skills are calm, patient and reasonable. He represents the customer realistically and effectively…and with enormous patience.
  • Listening. Every single sales training that I’m familiar with emphasize the need to listen to the prospect/customer. However, this is easier said than done…it’s hard work to purposely listen. Some how or another we tend to regularly interrupt and/or advocate our personal opinions as we try to listen…Dan does not intervene, he listens and acts objectively and effectively.

It’s been an honour and a delight working and learning from Dan. I know that I would hire him in a nano-second!



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