1600 Quadra

  • Details on heating and cooling – The Building was built in 2008 (steel and concrete and is a designated heritage building). It has electric heat, HVAC and is built to 2008 seismic  standards.
  • Zoning – CA-3C Zone – Old Town District – note the attachment (Zoning) describing allowable usage. Note that hospitals, private hospitals, nursing homes, intermediate care facilities and community care facilities are permitted.
  • Area Measurement – I’ve attached a Lease Plan measurement document (Lease Plan Measurements ). There are 3 areas included in the property usage:
    • the usable floor plan – 4,979 sq. ft.
    • the secure parking lot – 2,304 sq. ft. – comfortably fits 6 vehicles (2 more if your were to cram in smaller vehicles)
    • the common area patio area (top floor) – approximately 2,975 sq. ft.
  • I’ve also included a proposed Furniture Plan (1600-Quadra-Furniture-Plan) for a possible Technology Incubator shared space concept that we considered that is now on hold due to the health crisis. I included this so that you may visualize potential usage for the space.

Video Space Review

Balcony Space Review

Parking Garage Review

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